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Incredible Mandy Walkthrough Part 1 to 3 and Final Bosses

Incredible Mandy is an amazing puzzle adventure game developed by Dotoyou Games. Experience a fantastic adventure across vast landscapes. From mountain top to canyon deep, from sea shores to hidden corridors, search for clues and solve the creative puzzles never seen elsewhere. Use the sword in your hand and wisdom in your mind to challenge the overwhelmingly huge foes.

Memories of the brother and the sister, all buried deeply within their dreams. Every dream outlines an untold secret. In this journey about salvation and redemption, the savior must venture into the world of darkness.

Explore 7 radically different levels each filled with dozens of puzzles. Every puzzle is built on top of the unique environment settings in one level. To solve the puzzles, you need to harness the knowledge learnt in reality and in-game environment to find the right way.

There’re many treasure chests scattered over the entire game world, sometimes difficult to find. Once opened, you will earn precious pieces of memories. Collect them and unveil the complete picture of a touching story and secrets of Mandy and her older brother.

Use your wisdom to stand 8 compelling boss fights. Don’t try to beat them by force. Each boss has its weaknesses. They’re easy to spot, but knowing when and how is the key to effectively overcome an enemy much stronger than you. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Incredible Mandy Walkthrough Part 1 – Me and My Big White Robot:

Incredible Mandy Walkthrough Part 2 – The Woman in White:

Incredible Mandy Walkthrough Part 3 – Outsmarting A Plant:

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