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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Walkthrough and Gameplay

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is an epic action-RPG developed by Square Enix Inc. It puts you in the captain’s chair as you lead a team of heroes across the galaxy. Immerse yourself in a rich sci-fi fantasy universe and experience fast-paced combat rendered with gorgeous 3D graphics. Take command of a squad of four heroes in real-time battles. Dodge enemies, time your attacks, and manage your abilities to decimate the enemy.

You are the captain of the Pangalactic Federation starship GFSS-3214F. A surprise attack and a malfunctioning hyperspace drive sends you hurtling to the outer reaches of space. However, with the help of a mysterious woman and her ability to summon heroes from across time and space, you just might be able to fight your way back home.

Choose from attackers, sharpshooters, defenders, invokers, and healers to form specialized parties. With dozens of characters, each with their own passive and active abilities, the possibilities are endless. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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