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Slither.IO Walkthrough with Highest Score and World Record

Slither.IO is an amazing action game developed by Lowtech Studios. In this game, you have a chance to win even if you’re tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are. If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it’s game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains.

The game features over 1000 levels. Can you become the longest slither, get the highest score, and beat the world record? If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Slither.IO Walkthrough – Boss Snake and The World Record:

Slither.IO Walkthrough – The Longest Snake:

Slither.IO Walkthrough – Secret Creepy Level:

Slither.IO Walkthrough – Highest Score and The World Record:

Slither.IO Walkthrough – Trolling Longest Snake:

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