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Artificer Walkthrough and Gameplay Part 1 to 3

Artificer is a single-player survival RPG developed by Psilocybe Games. The game is all about crafting magic – elixirs, spells, artifacts, rituals, and golems. It takes place on Alcor – a planet full of deadly creatures, bizarre plants and alien races. Experience the story of an astute science officer marooned on a planet governed by arcane powers.

Survive the perils of the alien planet as Raymond Everett, a marooned science officer of HMS Hawking, pitting your resourcefulness and intellect against the eldritch beings of Alcor that are after your head.

Delve into a dangerous world of mystical research to uncover new recipes and rituals on a journey to unlimited power. Create spells and build magical automatons. Perform magical experiments to further your knowledge. Master alchemy, thaumaturgy and divination to construct artifacts of immense power.

Steal arcane secrets from ancient ruins. Learn alien languages to read magical grimoires. Fight monsters and dissect them to learn their weaknesses. Harvest valuable alchemical ingredients. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Artificer Walkthrough Part 1 – Basics and Features:

Artificer Walkthrough Part 2 – Autopsy and Potions:

Artificer Walkthrough Part 3 – Researching Potions:

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