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Lifeguard Beach Rescue Training Walkthrough and Gameplay

Lifeguard Beach rescue Training is an amazing coast guard game developed by 4wheelgames. Get your rescue boats, rescue tubes, lifeboats, bathing suits and speed boat so that you can carry out the lifesaving emergency rescue mission. You will be provided with the necessary Recue Training, lifesaving training, coast lifeguard training, good rescue techniques and lifeguard techniques. These trainings will help you make the beaches safe, find lost children, save lives of people during beach accidence.

Beach lifeguard team is always ready to scan the beach crowds to offer lifeguard rescue duty. Some accidents immediately capture the emergency doctor attention, and get provided with Ambulance services. US Coastguard keep an eye open for the shark attack victims, and provide an emergency rescue service. The open water rescuer sets his boat at sea water and gets on a long beach search during the rescue mission. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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