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Bitter Tides Walkthrough and Gameplay

Bitter Tides is a cool first-person stealth and horror game developed by Bottom Feeders. The game is set in a mysterious desert dream world. Painstakingly rendered, the world holds clues in every crevice of its environment. You must cautiously navigate a nautical hellscape of half remembered incidents to discover what is happening and where they are. Your tools are lures and traps with which you avoid and ensnare those creeping things from the deep.

The monsters of this fallen abyss crawl aimlessly, day and night, in tireless animation. Wandering across the vasts, they are nothing to the agonies of the world left behind.

The game merges the cautious gameplay of stealth action games with the ambiance of dark and sinister horror. You will need to find hidden paths to progress through the environment while either distracting, trapping, converting, or blowing up enemies that hunt them down. These enemies have a range of unique behaviors that provide a new challenge around every corner.

To avoid these enemies, You are equipped with their Heart: a lure which can be augmented using items discovered in the game. Also,you will be given a lantern which requires oil. This oil can also be used to purchase upgrades and items as players progress. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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