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Time Drifter Walkthrough and Gameplay

Time Drifter is a unique casual action game developed by Lonely Boy Studio. Your objective is to drift your way through time to save humanity from an evil panda.

Scientists have made a mistake, the panda they were experimenting on has become a monster. An all-seeing demi-god with only revenge and destruction on its mind. Only the research facility’s janitor can be sent to the past to save humanity. Unfortunately for him, they send him to far. Drift your way through humanity’s history and fight everything that’s on your way. You’ve got to clean things up.

You control the janitor by driving his vehicle. It always goes as fast as it can, forward. Turn the steering wheel left or right to turn. Hit enemies to defeat them and fill up your ultimate ability. When you have enough energy, unleash this special power to slow time.

Follow the adventure of the janitor trying to get back in the future. Through multiple levels, you’ll fight the Roman Empire’s men and make your way out of the coliseum. Defeat the final boss to unlock the Endless game mode. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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