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Unlikely Heroes Walkthrough and Gameplay

Unlikely Heroes is a unique tactical RPG adventure game developed by Iron Horse Games. Dungeon crawl and craft items and loot to battle monsters. Guide your heroes through epic dungeons, rescue new heroes, beat powerful bosses and rebuild your village. Craft items, problem solve, and recruit new heroes to adventure & rebuild your village. Equip ropes, weapons, potions and craft items as you go to defeat bosses and recruit heroes.

Gather together a party of epic heroes and rogues. Explore dungeons to unlock new heroes. Use unique heroes to craft items to crawl deeper into the dungeon. Battle monsters to collect items to craft into epic gear. Plan your path carefully through the grid.

Unlock new buildings and craft powerful items for your journey. Recruit helpful vendors and townspeople on your quest. Customize your heroes with powerful gear craft in your village. Use tactics and strategy to defeat challenging boss fights. Crawl carefully, enemies exist around every corner. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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