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City of God I – Prison Empire Walkthrough Part 1 to 4

City of God I – Prison Empire is an amazing strategy RPG simulation game from Pixel Gangsta Studio. As a warden of a private prison, your responsibilities include making plans about the whole prison and solving inmates’ all kinds of problems such as power supply, waste disposal and prisoners’ need for food, water and accommodation. As a matter of course, the prisoners are concerned about these problems. If the warden doesn’t provide leisure facilities, some prisoners may not focus on their work or even cause terrible acts which lead to riots, jailbreaks or suicides.

Build different kinds of workshops to keep your prisoners working hard and earning money from the market. You can produce nearly 100 different goods from workshops which include drugs, Gatlin or even RPG. There are six main workshops including clothing, furniture, electric equipment, handcrafts, chemicals and firearms. You can sell those goods at the market and of course clothes and weapons are available for use.

Find the specially skilled prisoners from the government and police database, and make those people work in your prison. These professional criminals such as thieves, robbers, hackers, killers, bombers and fighters can undertake some special missions for you. Those special tasks include breaking into a bank vault, robbing a jewellery store, kidnapping and blackmailing some wealthy merchants.

Work as the warden to unlock different projects. Make more money to expand your prison empire and use money to influence politicians and gangs in the city. The warden can increase his skill points by developing daily work. These points can be used to unlock a new project which could be useful to your prison and allows you to make more money. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

City of God I – Prison Empire Walkthrough Part 1:

City of God I – Prison Empire Walkthrough Part 2:

City of God I – Prison Empire Walkthrough Part 3:

City of God I – Prison Empire Walkthrough Part 4:

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