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Shooting Heroes Legend: FPS Gun Battleground Games Walkthrough and Guide

Shooting Heroes Legend: FPS Gun Battleground Games is the action FPS from XSQUADS Free Shooting Games – FPSAction. The conquest of the Heroes has begun on shooting battlegrounds. Start fighting as trained commando and demolish the enemy. Conquer each country by attacking the rivalry soldiers clan with military tanks, explosive weapons and turn it into battleground of war games. Follow the rules of survival and shoot each country with best multiplayer Heroes strategy for free.

The game has action adventure, zombie army, combat, relic run, real commando secret, battlefield, mission impossible, war game, modern warfare, critical strike and original Battle Royale. Jump into the action FPS and join the battle right away in the most outstanding survival Gun war strategy games.

With highly efficient bots, we have modes like Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag and many more in forthcoming updates. Challenge your best FPS games skill against other players in FPS Multiplayer Combat. Take your gun games to the next level and use the rules of survival. Upgrade your battlefield arsenal to strike fast. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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