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Sara is Missing Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 5

Sara is Missing is all about the horrors of mobile technology and touches upon the voyeuristic pleasure that one gets from prying through another person’s personal items. We store so much information about ourselves on our mobile devices that deducing what we really are like in real life becomes as simple as tapping on a screen.

Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and your only lead is her mobile phone. Search for clues by investigating Sara’s personal messages, notes, emails, pictures and videos while trying to piece together her final days. Unlock password protected files, uncover hidden messages and decrypt lost data and figure out where she went, what she did, and how someone can disappear without a trace so suddenly.

Chat with different people at the same time. Receive phone calls from NPCs and other mysterious callers. Receive videos and photos from other NPCs. You have hidden sub plots and extra information to unlock. Multiple choices will lead to multiple outcomes and endings. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Sara is Missing Walkthrough Part 1 – Have You Seen This Girl:

Sara is Missing Walkthrough Part 2 – Is It TOO LATE for Sara:

Sara is Missing Walkthrough Part 3 – Do Not Unlock the Phone:

Sara is Missing Walkthrough Part 4 – Lying & Deception´╝Ü

Sara is Missing Walkthrough Part 5 – Full Gameplay & Ending:

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