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Wails For Freedom Walkthrough with Good and Bad Endings

Wails For Freedom is a pixel spooky horror survival from Dave Microwaves Games. You are trapped inside of a haunted asylum full of ghosts trying to friggin kill you. Things get worse, your leg is gone. You have no choice but to use this wheelchair you found to move about and this camcorder to see in the dark. Will you ever find a way out of this horrible place?

You must traverse the asylum on your wheelchair and find fuses to activate the front door to escape. But this is not an easy task, your wheelchair has limited mobility and makes turns slow and difficult, will insanity consume you or will you be able to find a way out and escape this nightmare?

To be honest, the game might be easy or difficult depending on how your playthrough turns out and if you get used to the wheelchiar controls. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Wails For Freedom Walkthrough with Good Ending:

Wails For Freedom Walkthrough with Bad Ending:

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