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Wonder Blade Walkthrough and Guide

Wonder Blade is an awesome 2D adventure game developed by Huang YueFeng. The princess is kidnapped by the evil power, grab your weapon and get on the journey to save your princess and free the world. Utilizing all the combos and killer moves plus magic tricks to defeat all the bad guys who got in your way. All the powerful weapons and coolest packages will make you an one of kind adventurer, you can disguise as a ninja hitting your enemies with frozen fish or a lightsaber holding galaxy trooper who likes to kick-ass.

Tons of fun-filled levels in game with various challenging bosses waiting for you, from high speed car chase in the thick forest to zombie army marching on the deserted land, mysterious haunted house to fishing competition in the deep ocean, riding dragon that spits fire and fighting side by side with intelligent robot.

The game features interesting and humorous story-line and characters. Enjoy the challenging bosses and enemies. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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