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Dig or Die Walkgthrough and Guide Part 1 to 3

Dig or Die is a unique and innovative 2D survival and crafting game from Gaddy Games. You crash land on an hostile planet, you have to explore, fight, craft, and build your defenses to escape from it. You need to build the strongest and smartest defenses, or it may flood or destroy your only hopes of survival.

You are a representative of the CRAFT & Co company. You are selling automated fabrication tools across the galaxy when your spacecraft crashes into a hostile planet. Use the tools you sell and the local resources to build up all of what you’ll need to survive and eventually be able to escape the planet. Survive massive attacks each night by building strong walls and placing turrets wisely. Defend your base, or build bridges and high towers to access remote locations.

Play classic solo or multiplayer co-op, or try the custom game modes: Under the Sea, Sky World, or Base Defense. Activate the Hazardous Events option to trigger various surprises like Meteor Shower, Rain Flood, Earthquake, Volcano Eruption or even a Sharkstorm. Enjoy Creative Mode and produce all items for free. This includes cheated items and tools to modify terrain or even create water and lava.

Your final objective is to build a rocket ship to escape the planet. To do that, you will have to explore the world to gather resources and craft your defenses. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Dig or Die Walkthrough Part 1 – Tower Defense Terraria:

Dig or Die Walkthrough Part 2 – Second Time’s The Charm:

Dig or Die Walkthrough Part 3 – Ended at the Bottom:

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