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Panzer Storm: Modern Warfare Walkthrough and Gameplay

Panzer Storm: Modern Warfare is a unique war strategy game from iGamewar Interactive Limited. The United Nations is about to organize a large-scale war on terrorism and the new elite troops get ready. Restore modern famous tanks such as M1A2, Leopard- IIA6, Armata MTK, 99B tank and more to give you immersive panzer war.

A rational panzer formation, not only can improve more war power, but also can release powerful chain skills of joint battle. Embattle your most powerful panzer team now. Speak out on world channel, talk war situation on Legion Channel and send secret messages to your friend on Private channel. Invite friends to siege instance in a team.

Equipping 4 series of Armor, outstanding vehicle crews joining, rising your military rank to be a general and vehicle’s enhancement, breakout, training system will make your tank formation invincible. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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