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25 Cadre of Death Walkthrough and Guide

25 Cadre of Death is an awesome indie action game from Indie Games Studio. You will play as Caleb Ridus who wakes up from the dream and realizes with horror that he is not at home.

Caleb wakes up in an old large farmhouse, not far from Missouri, the city of Time Beach, where people were poisoned by an unknown poison. Being locked in a mansion, Caleb understands that he is not alone in this house, there are people like him who do not understand how they found themselves in this ill-fated city. In addition to these people, among the darkness and dust, dreadful creatures dwell that will bring their victims to a heart attack.

A little later Caleb managed to get out of the locked mansion with the survivors, but as it turns out on the street things are no better, this abandoned city and its districts are saturated with hatred, pain and death. You have to unravel the mystery of the strange video, and this gloomy city of Time Beach.

There are many different options for the outcome of the plot. Look for a different loot, equipment that can come in handy and save your life. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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