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How to Make Wild Animal in Little Alchemy

Combinations of Wild Animal are interesting in Little Alchemy. For example, Wild Animal and Cat make Lion, Wild Animal and Cheese make Mouse, Wild Animal and Chicken make Fox, Wild Animal and Sea make Shark. To create any animals or creatures, you need Wild Animal element first. It is not easy to make Wild Animal, you have to make Plant, Time, Tree, Forest, Life first. See the detailed instructions and try it yourself.

Air + Water = Rain
Rain + Earth = Plant
Earth + Fire = Lava
Air + Lava = Stone
Air + Stone = Sand
Fire + Sand = Glass
Sand + Glass = Time
Plant + Time = Tree
Tree + Tree = Forest

Fire + Air = Energy
Water + Earth = Mud
Air + Water = Rain
Earth + Rain = Plant
Plant + Mud = Swamp
Swamp + Energy = Life

Forest + Life = Wild Animal

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