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Spotlight Room Escape Walkthrough White Collar Chapter 2

Spotlight: Room Escape is a fun room escape game developed by Javelin Mobile, it is a thrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. You are kidnapped and locked up in a strange room, and your only goal is to escape from the room before time runs out. Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escape the mysterious Room.

The game is beautifully designed with mysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every object in the Room is placed with clear logic around it and each scene describes deep meaning.

The game Spotlight Room Escape has lots of mysterious levels each designed with unique exit plans, including Awakening Hope, Menace, Fate, Epiphany, The Lost One, White Collar, Hermit, and The Canyon. If you get stuck in the game, please check out the video walkthrough for the game.

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