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Steven Universe: Tap Together Walkthrough and Guide for All Bosses

Steven Universe: Tap Together is an awesome RPG adventure game from SPYR APPS, LLC. Rose’s Room is under attack. Team up with your friends to protect the temple in Tap Together, an unforgettable RPG starring all of your favorite Steven Universe characters.

Team up in live 4-player co-op battles. Work together with your friends to defeat the daily boss. Compete in Weekly Club Tournaments. Collect, level up, and gear up your favorite Steven Universe characters, like Steven, Pearl, Connie, and Bismuth. Each hero comes with their own special move. Unlock new abilities for every hero.

Challenge epic bosses, like Red Eye, Frybo, Aquamarine, and Jasper. Tap, hold, and swipe your way through obstacles and boss powers. Collect new items, heroes, and heaps of XP. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Steven Universe: Tap Together Walkthrough and Gameplay:

Steven Universe: Tap Together Tutorial and Guide:

Steven Universe: Tap Together Clan and Boss Battles:

Steven Universe: Tap Together All Bosses Walkthrough:

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