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Wings of Steel Walkthrough and Gameplay

Wings of Steel is an action-packed World War II air combat flight simulator from Illusion Magic Studio. The game combines beautiful 3D graphics, realistic physics, diverse and engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls optimized for mobile devices.

The game features detailed and accurate WWII planes, ships and vehicles from both the Allies and the Axis. Enjoy vast and beautiful environments with weather and time-of-day variation. You could choose from wide variety of playable planes and weapons each with unique and upgradable characteristics.

There are diverse and challenging missions including carrier landing, dogfight, dive bombing, torpedo bombing, escort, and much more. Cinematic Replay Mode let you relive the glory or examine what went wrong after every mission. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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  1. playing wings of steel and looking for mission list aircraft needed and most anything else available for this game. we have several of these aircraft in our hangar including a few not in game is there a way of adding aircraft like bearcat or p47 ?currently 47 and the at19 gullwing Stinson both need restoration. flyable in hangar now are p51, t6 , snj, yak3 b25 have 2 of them. hellcat, a6m3 zero, mig 17, L 29, a few t34 mentors, mk xiv spitfire, 2 pt 19s and a f24 interesting note the f24 Fairchild dropped depth charges on subs during patrol of US coast during world war II

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