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Fairyland: The Guild Walkthrough and Gameplay

Fairyland: The Guild is a unique RPG adventure game from Naarassusi Game. Hire mercenaries, buy potions, scrolls, and equipment to collect as many coins as possible in the Caves of Elements and get the highest rank. The Guild appears where people need strong, qualified soldiers. It is ready to provide you with a small personal army with sorcerers and knights in exchange for some money.

The invasion of Fairyland turned out to be a catastrophe for the Guild. The king expected he would pay for the services of the mercenaries from his future trophies. With his death, not only the strongest fighters were lost, but all hope of timely payment. Many illustrious mercenaries flock to the Guild’s banners to replenish their pockets with gold during the expedition to the Caves of the Elements.

You will defeat monsters that inhabit one of the Caves of Elements and get as much gold coins as possible. Eight of the strongest mercenaries of the Guild will help you. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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