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Hero Legion Online Walkthrough and Gameplay

Hero Legion Online is an insanely fun and addicting real time tactical RPG game. Develop your favorite classic heroes, build your own team and match wits with wily enemies. Engage in Arena showdowns and compete in the ladder with players from all over the world, and become the epic hero you’ve always dreamed of now.

Every hero can be unlocked by playing the game, plenty of free Gems for active daily players in the questland. Choose from a league of legendary heroes. Every hero has their unique skills and tactics and can grow from common to legendary rank, there is no filler hero in this game. You can earn Gems, gold and other materials from playing to upgrade and evolve all your heroes to war champions.

Summon and deploy your soldiers in the right locations to reinforce your heroes. Explore 21 chapters with over 200 stages and a fully engaging storyline. Defeat epic bosses to take over ruins in the game, and defend thrones from other players. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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