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Rivals of Aether: Shovel Knight Walkthrough and Gameplay

Rivals of Aether: Shovel Knight is a DLC of Rivals of Aether game from Dan Fornace, this DLC pack comes Shovel Knight and the Troupple Pond stage. Shovel Knight has learned a lot during his titular adventures and he brings those skills with him to Rivals of Aether. Shovel Knight swings, digs and shovel drops his way through the Rivals roster. He does it all while collecting treasure which he can use to purchase upgrades to give him the upper hand on the battlefield.

Shovel Knight’s attacks knock coins and gems out of his opponents. He can collect these to increase his treasure. By taunting, he summons Chester and can use his treasure to purchase either Relics or Armors to improve his fighting ability. Shovel Knight’s signature ability is his Down Air in Rivals of Aether. With this attack he can strike his opponents from above and bounce off their heads. Hold the attack button to keep the Shovel beneath him. He can also bounce off objects and projectiles. Shovel Knight’s down special is the Fishing Rod. Use it off the side of the stage to fish up some treasure. Time it correctly and fish up a Treasure Rock, but time it perfectly and get a Golden Fish.

The new Troupple Pond stage comes with both a casual Aether version and competitive Basic version. On the Aether version, players will have to be aware of the Troupple King as he dances in the background. Look out for the Troupple that join in the dance or knock them toward enemies to turn the tide of the battle. Competitive players can play on the Basic version for a fair fight while enjoying some great music inspired by Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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