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Just One Line Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 4

Just One Line is a fantasy RPG gamebook-like indie game from JOL Studios. It is heavily focused on choices and their consequences in which you may compete with other players in an interactive leaderboard. Create different adventurers and embark on epic quests, unlocking new content for your next playthroughs.

Create different adventurers by choosing their races and backgrounds and embark on a variety of epic quests. Each adventurer will progress by increasing his renown and relations with the factions of the Kingdom thus unlocking new races and backgrounds for your next playthroughs.

Most of the quests are linked together and have different story paths according to your race, background, attributes and, more importantly, choices made in previous quests. Each quest has choices, or even entire story paths, only available after certain conditions are met and depending on previous quests’ choices.

Create your adventurers as you see fit. Start by choosing a race and a background, follow up with some aesthetic customization and finally shape him/her into a valorous hero or a ruthless villain. Their morality and honor changes according to your in-game choices. Every time you play with different adventurers, the story changes. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Just One Line Walkthrough Part 1 – Common People:

Just One Line Walkthrough Part 2 – The Hunter:

Just One Line Walkthrough Part 3 – Here Be Dragon:

Just One Line Walkthrough Part 4 – Shield Sister:

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