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Majula Frontier Walkthrough and Gameplay

Majula Frontier is a challenging fantasy RPG from EF Universe Games, with turn-based combat, town management, character customization, crafting and light dungeon crawling.

The sky over Majula is turning black, the ground is starting to decay, and monsters are returning to the world, forcing a group of retired heroes to band together once more. Their task is to find the source of the decay and the monsters and put a stop to it before their home is destroyed and the ground beneath them rots away to nothing.

For each mission, you take 4 characters into a dungeon and fight monsters. The goal of each mission is usually to kill a certain number of monsters, rescue missing people, or defeat a powerful boss monster. In addition to missions, the Town of Majula has several areas that need to be rebuilt. Once they’ve been rebuilt, each area will produce a steady supply of resources that will help you complete missions.

Each character has four unique skills that can be leveled up. They also have two empty skill slots. These slots can be filled by finding weapons in dungeons, all of which grant a skill when equipped as well as a random stat bonus, or by crafting weapons using raw materials. There are 16 main bosses to defeat. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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