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Fire Place Walkthrough and Gameplay

Fire Place is an awesome casual simulation game from Badru, Michael Bell. Savor the simple pleasure of building and maintaining a fire. Best enjoyed during seasonal gatherings and cold, dark nights. It creates something beautiful, complex, and soothing to watch, a living presence in your space with you.

The game comes with four basic environments: a northwest Forest, an old brick fireplace in Seattle, a bright Santa Fe stucco, and the Washington coast. Put Fire Place on that big screen in your living room during friendly gatherings, especially on cold winter nights. Holler at your co-hosts to put another log on when the fire starts to dwindle. Enjoy the crackle and the quiet flicker of warm light.

The game features an iron poker and tongs for manipulating the burnables, a volumetric simulation of air heat and velocity, and a beautiful and complex dynamic soundtrack by the award-winning Michael Bell. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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