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FNaF Porkchop’s Adventure Walkthrough and All Endings

Porkchop’s Adventure is a cute platforming game by Phisnom, starring Porkchop the Friendly Pig in his quest to venture into wacky places and rescue his friends before the big show starts. Jump and dash through three different stages, fight big bosses, unlock new moves, ignore the noises outside your room, find trinkets and explore all the hidden secrets.

The game features a hub world with side quests, a shop, and multiple characters to talk to. You have brain-teasing optional puzzles to find and solve. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Porkchop’s Adventure Walkthrough Part 1 – Normal Ending:

Porkchop’s Adventure Walkthrough Part 2 – Secret Ending:

Porkchop’s Adventure Walkthrough Part 3 – Happy Ending:

Porkchop’s Adventure Walkthrough Part 4 – Steven Ending:

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