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Chessboard Kingdoms Walkthrough and Gameplay

Chessboard Kingdoms is a multiplayer, turn-based strategy game from Hashed Egg, inspired by the chess mechanics. Employ warriors and engineers, build siege machines, construct walls and towers, consult your court wizard all while exploring vast landscapes of the realm and satisfying your puzzle-solving appetite.

Devise and apply clever strategies, build and siege fortresses, encounter wizardry, and travel the lands of Chessboard Kingdoms. Capture the essence of strategy and turn-based combat. Let your imagination run wild as you fortify your towns and send off your troops to stand against invaders. Invent strategies and hone your resolve while accepting the challenges of management and leadership as the sovereign of the lands.

Sharpen your mind with chess strategies and tactics. Put your skills to the test on different board sizes and with different combinations of troops. Choose to use the familiar chess-like pieces, or explore the unique additions. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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