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Pummel Party Walkthrough and Gameplay

Pummel Party is a crazy 4-player online and local-multiplayer party game from Rebuilt Games. Pummel friends or AI using a wide array of absurd items in the board mode and compete to destroy friendships in the unique collection of minigames. The game allows 1 to 4 players to compete both online or locally on the same screen. Whether its online, or in person, it’s all the same friendship ruining fun.

From simple nostalgic fun to unique and evolutionary, the game contains a wide array of exciting minigames. Knock your friends in to the abyss in Snowy Spin, dig three dimensionally in Sandy Search to be the first to find the treasure and make sure you’re not holding the bomb when it goes off in Explosive Exchange. Battle through hazardous terrain to acquire an arsenal of weapons and items and employ them however you can to make sure that you reign victorious over your friends.

Use an array of absurd weapons and objects to claw your way to victory. From the simple Punching Glove to the ridiculous Remote Controlled Eggplant the items in the game will lead to many funny and rage enducing moments. The game includes full bot integration meaning you can still play or practice with any number of real players. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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