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How To Make Energy In Little Alchemy 2

Energy element is often used in Little Allchemy 2, and it can be used to combine Atomic Bomb, Bread, Butter, Gunpowder, Heat, Lightning, Lightsaber, Solar Cell, Sugar, and Taser. Making Energy is quite easy, and we have figured out two ways. Of course you could use the simplest way, it needs only 1 step. The other method is 5 steps, it should be okay for you. Check out the detailed walkthrough and try it yourself.

Method1: 2X Fire, 1 step only
Fire + Fire = Energy

Method 2: Atmosphere + Fire, 5 steps
Earth + Earth = Land
Land + Land = Continent
Continent + Continent = Planet
Planet + Air = Atmosphere
Atmosphere + Fire = Energy

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