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Run Roo Run iOS Game Walkthrough and Guide

This time we will start our adventure journey to the scenery infinite Australia with the game Run Roo Run. The kangaroo family was living in Perth, a city in western Australia. They lived quietly with happiness. But one day, a beast trapping car from Sydney rob the little kangaroo away unexpectedly. The mother kangaroo made her mind to run cross the whole continent to the east coast of the Sydney to rescue her children out.

The picture of the game is very lovely, after entering the game we are attracted by the comfortable colour collocation. The fresh and pure cyan when we choose the map and the different exquisite background both give us very pure and fresh sense. The image of the mother kangaroo is very cute, lower body with bright yellow puch appear in front of us lovely.

The kangaroo mother will meet all kinds of unique and interesting obstacles during the trip from Perth to sydney. Players have to jump over obstacles with various excellent dexterity jumps skills to get to the end of each level. Each level is very minor, this kind of level is very easy to finish, and you will not feel any boring feeling.

We can see those large levels look like the bus stop in the map. Station to station from Perth to Sydney. There 15 small levels in each large level. After you finish 15 small levels, you will meet 6 hidden levels unlocked. The developer announced that there are more than 420 levels, and you can get 10 new levels for free weekly.

The beginning of the levels are quite simple, most of them can be finished in about 2 seconds. But the developer will not let you finish all the levels so easily. So in the later levels, we can see the cactus, desert, small pool, the sharp rocks, animal skull and so on different obstacles. Some obstacles even appear after the previous obstacle, it will not be so easy if you want to finish the level. The game will not be over if the kangaroo hit against the obstacles, you can still jump and jump, but you cannot get the time Venus.

There will be some small props to help you finish each level. For example, in the second level you find the green continuous jumping arrows, in the third level you have the elastic tyres, and of course the windmill, swing, invisibility and so on more interesting props.

If you still cannot finish the level, you can find the directly going through bus at the top right corner stars of the screen. Also you can use the hourglass can slow the time, you can buy it after you run out of it.

By the way the background music of the game is also very lovely, the music filled with Australia folk sings throughout the game, it will become more lively with your great performance.


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