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The Midnight Sanctuary Chapter 1 Walkthrough and Guide

The Midnight Sanctuary is an occult horror visual novel from Cavyhouse. It is a story of strange doings in the town of Daiusu, with surrealist visuals and a team of professional voice artists to immerse you in the story. Experience a trip into a mysterious world that’s not quite two or three dimensional.

Daiusu Village is closed off as it was from the outside world, unique and dubious traditions and ceremonies have come to form the foundation of the villagers’ beliefs. But time flows, eras change and the inhabitants of Daiusu set out to modernize their village. They build a striking church, and to document their history and traditions, the son of the village head, Jyuan Daiusu, and the leader of the local church, Kurosu Okada, invite pastor Hamomoru Tachibana to serve as local historian.

As Hamomoru meets with the villagers, she discovers their powerful faith in a local saint. All who come from the outside are treated specially as Guests. Hamomoru agrees to take on the role of village coordinator, but that lasts only for a moment as an aloof, unworldly girl in white arrives. In the following mania, Hamomoru discovers the other face of this village. For Daiusu Village, you see, has a certain unique aspect to life and living in it. A history of tragedy and glooom that comes to light. The living rush to greet death as the Dead find fulfillment.

The game features gorgeous graphics like cut-paper art that blur the line between realism and surrealism. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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