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Cats & Cosplay: Epic Tower Defense Fighting Game Walkthrough

Cats & Cosplay is an epic tower defense fighting game from Pixel Pros. Denis and his trusty feline sidekick clash against a rogue hover-board riding Cat Clone set on taking over the world. You’ll find yourself running through colorful parks, cars, crossy city blocks, a snowy fruit farm, a mine, mushroom plants, a hidden beach, and Jurassic swamps and tar pits filled with dinosaur bones.

Fight and destroy endless opponents with a furious fury of fist punches and lightning fast karate kicks, or crush your rivals with other fun weapons; a pixel sword, granny cane, axe blade, sniper gun, iron knife, or wrestling steel chair. Your party can also use exploding objects such as landmines and dynamite to blast the bad guys dead.

A legendary clan of cats known as The Cat Army will help you wage war vs. alien creeps in this battle royale. This squad is comprised of four different defensive towers. The game features over 50 different enemies. Watch in awe and marvel as you encounter the final boss. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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