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Hinterhalt 2 Walkthrough and Gameplay

Hinterhalt 2 is a cartoonish World War 2 single player first person shooter game by Felip Guimerà, with tons of fun and excitement. Grab your weapon and follow us into the battlefield. Join the war and lead your nation to victory. Play as the Germans, Americans, Soviets, and British or even as the Japanese. Play the campaign mode or simply just for fun in the skirmish mode. An additional Zombie mode is also included.

The campaign consists of 5 big battles you have to win in order to advance. Each battlefield is huge and unique. You will play as different fractions along the campaign and you will be able to replay any mission you like as often you wish.

The concept of skirmish is simple. Choose your team and an opponent and beat him. There are several maps and map sizes to choose between and you are free to adjust settings such as the amount of AIs, respawn tickets or even the rotation of the sun to simulate different day time hours.

As a great fancy bonus feature you can play against hordes of Zombies. You initially start with friendly AIs who will potentially get mad and start shooting not only the zombies, but also the teammates. There are different supply stations that will provide you with a random weapon. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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