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Neon Spaceboard Walkthrough and Gameplay

Neon Spaceboard is a unique RPG adventure racing game from Federico Jimenez, with retro style. It is an independent video game of psychedelia and extreme space sports. You are a spaceboarder girl trapped in a strange reality. Discover the secrets of this atypical universe with the help of your spaceboard, magical gems, your mind, and clues from unusual characters.

Bebetta is an intrepid spaceboarder girl. She awakens on a mysterious place named Red Planet without any explanation. She explores the world by locating portals and teleporting to new levels. She needs to defeat all the bosses to finally find the answers of this place.

Fight your way dodging asteroids and shooting bosses. There are powers to use like missiles and a shield that protects you from damage. It has a town called Red planet with RPG features where you can get upgrades and talk with NPCs.

You can walk on Red Planet, explore and play some mini puzzles, talk with some characters and enter levels. Also you may need you to complete all levels to unlock some sections and secret game features. Picking up the platonic solids gems will give you powers to defend yourself from asteroids and bosses. Bosses need to be damaged by your projectiles to be defeated. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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