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Mad Zombies: Offline Zombie Games Walkthrough and Gameplay

Mad Zombies: Offline Zombie Games is an awesome zombie killer adventure game from Vng Game Studios. The whole world is still withheld zombies, the day of apocalypse is coming, some people are trying to regain the control, they fight for the big duty, but it’s not easy because of the zombies are getting more crowded and more dangerous.

The survival need to be catchers and zombie killer, there are many people are hunting the crazy zombies outside, the reaper can come to them everywhere, the hope on you, try to be the last one standing.

Zombie comes from anywhere, they have different age, skills and abilities, they are all mad and want to kill whatever alive. Sniper game lets you complete quests and your target to rank up and unlock more modern items. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough for the game.

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