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Planet Coaster – World’s Fair Pack Walkthrough and Gameplay

Planet Coaster – World’s Fair Pack is a DLC of Planet Coaster, which is an amazing coaster park simulation game from Frontier Developments. Celebrate the wonder of global culture and the peak of international park entertainment in the World’s Fair Pack. Introducing themes and scenery from 10 new countries this pack features two new coasters, one new ride, a bountiful collection of new scenery, and an assortment of items from across the globe.

The World’s Fair Pack includes two new coasters, one new tracked ride, and adds 10 new themes based on a selection of countries; China, USA, France, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Japan, UK, Mexico, and Spain.

With it come cultural props, giant food signs, fences, path extras, character hats, and 10 new wall set styles based on the new country themes complete with shop panels, doors and roof pieces. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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