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Finding Light Walkthrough and Gameplay

Finding Light is a grayscale handheld-style RPG from Joshua Keith. It follows the tale of Mari and her journey to find her beloved partner Abbie and solve the mystery of Heaven’s Door. Joined by the wise cleric Keller, the former knight Stray and Malady the witch, Mari must travel beyond the sky, through the ocean’s depths and deep underground to find the entrance to Heaven’s Door and find her partner before the world succumbs to darkness.

As monsters and miasma poured forth from the Black Tower, heroes Mari and Abbie climbed the tower and defeated its master, the wizard Morgoth. Two years later, Abbie vanished. At the same time, a towering spire emerged, stretching from the ocean’s depths to beyond the sky. Heaven’s Door, as some called it, caused the oceans to flood, submerging cities, kingdoms and even entire continents.

Customize your party with six playable characters. Brew specialized potions and elixirs with herbs found from enemies. Gain spells and powerful techniques via equipment and spell orbs. The Spirit Fox Roxie’s abilities are determined by the meat she consumes from monsters. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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