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Executive Assault 2 Walkthrough and Gameplay

Executive Assault 2 is an indie real-time strategy from Hesketh Studios, set in space in which you can jump into the boots of individual units. Take the reigns as a CEO of your own corporation and dominate rival factions for wealth and tech in a galactic wild west of chaos and lawlessness.

Build and command fleets of starships for epic space battles, pilot fighters, mine and trade resources, assemble robots to defend or assault other stations. Take sole command or share the glory as you fight for control of the quadrant.

Command your fleet aboard the bridge of your space station from a top-down perspective. Mine resources on nearby asteroids to produce a wealth of goods to sell to passing traders and grow your armies.

Help friends run their company in multiplayer mode, with one player assuming the role of CEO and tactician and the other, a soldier or ship unit, with all the loot split straight down the middle.

Manufacture goods to sell to traders to make a profit and grow your armies. Research over 60 technologies for more powerful units and better upgrades. Build multiple Super Weapons, including the system-destroying Monolith ship. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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