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Zarvot Walkthrough and Gameplay

Zarvot is an awesome arcade action game from Snowhydra Games, where cubes find love, shoot lasers, and lay waste to handcrafted arenas. The game is about tiny, adorable cubes with hopes, dreams, unrequited loves and unlimited destructive power.

In Story Mode, you’ll follow the adventures of Charcoal and Mustard as they search for the ultimate birthday present to cheer up their best friend Red, who is feeling quite blue. Take the subway to nine unique worlds where you’ll battle rogue bananas, evil milk cartons, and crayon box spiders.

In Multiplayer Mode, invite your friends and challenge them to cutthroat competitive cube combat. Show your skills with precision lasers and rapid fire guns, and master the devastating radial beam. Blast, warp, and crash through walls in over a dozen destructible thunderdomes across a variety of game modes. Zip around boulders in the forest, face off in dramatic rainstorms, evade environmental dangers and more.

Dash, zip, and destroy over a dozen destructible handcrafted multiplayer thunderdomes. Fight in serene forests, in dramatic thunderstorms, in a bathtub, and more. Break through walls, dodge deadly discs, and use the environment to win. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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