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Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes Walkthrough and Gameplay

Light In Chaos: Sangoku Heroes is an awesome RPG from PopPace. Burst your passion for combos, enjoy your gameplay in Japanese manga style, find the light in chaos with Sangoku Heroes in the time of Three Kingdoms. Be the knight to protect what you love and chaser of glory.

The world is in chaos and people are put on fire. Brave heroes of Three Kingdoms step out to fight against evil and restore the order. It is a time of legends, a time of lost and brawl. Only the true warriors can face the cruelty in the frontier and rescue the victims sobbing in darkness.

Over 50 most famous Sangoku heroes stand in a line ready to fight, recruit them along the exciting adventure. Upgrade their skills to different levels and unlock enhanced combo sets; awaken them to new appearances with new action styles and more power; find the bonds between heroes and build up collaborations to deal with various kinds of situations. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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