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Cartoon Network Party Dash Walkthrough Part 1 to 2

Cartoon Network Party Dash is a unique action game from Cartoon Network. Unlock 10 amazing characters from Ben 10, We Bare Bears, and The Amazing World of Gumball. Play as Four Arms, Heatblast, XLR8, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Penny, Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear.

Dash through obstacles and enemies as you race to the finish on crazy levels. Smash all the monsters, ghosts, drones, and karate pigeons you can. Fill your combo meter for an invincible burst of speed. Cash in your coins for powers and gear. Each item gives you special level boosts, like double dash, extra life, bubble shields, and a smash hammer.

Party in style with unique costumes for all 10 characters. Mix things up with fun hats from Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe and more. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Cartoon Network Party Dash Walkthrough Part 1 – Ben 10, Gumball and Bears:

Cartoon Network Party Dash Walkthrough Part 2 – Unlocked Gumball:

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