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Light Bearers Walkthrough and Gameplay

Light Bearers is a multiplayer asymmetrical hide and seek game from Fat Bomb Studios, that pits a sinister shadow against cute light bears. During each round one player is chosen as the Shadow while the other players play as Light Bears trying to avoid being infected by the Shadow. Once infected Light Bears become Shadow Bears and start working for the Shadow trying to capture and infect Light Bears.

If all Light Bears reach the Light Pool at the end of the round, they win; however if the Shadow manage to infect all Light Bears before time runs out, the Shadow wins. All Bears play in first-person to create a more gripping and adrenaline pumping experience while most Shadows play in third-person to give them situational awareness and a sense of true power.

Each Shadow has three abilities crafted for their specific play style; each one offering the player new and interesting game mechanics and combos. During any given round of Light Bearers you might play as either a Light Bear or a Shadow Bear. Depending on which one you are, your win condition will change – evading the shadow and escaping through the Light Pool or chasing and infecting all remaining Light Bears.

Whether you are a Shadow Bear or Light Bear there are map mechanics that will aid you in your efforts. Shadow Bears can use the Shadow teleports to move swiftly and easily around the map whereas the Light Bears have hiding spots scattered throughout the map that help them avoid detection.

Both bears have a special ability associated with their type. Light Bears have a usefule Dash that gets them out of tough spots and the Shadow Bears can create a wall to stop their prey from getting away. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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