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God Eater 3 Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 6

God Eater 3 is an amazing action RPG from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Unknown life forms called Oracle cells begin their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. Their ravenous appetite devour and remarkable adaptability earn them first dread, then awe, and finally the name Aragami.

In the face of an enemy completely immune to conventional weapons, urban civilization collapses, and each day humanity is driven further and further toward extinction. One single ray of hope remains for humanity. Following the development of God Arcs, their wielders, the God Eaters appear. In a world ravaged by mad gods, these God Eaters fight a desperate war.

Create your character, and fight for the survival of human-kind. Select your weapon from a wide range of God Arcs and face brand new Aragamis in dynamic high-speed battles. Enjoy various original weapons. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 1:

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 2:

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 3:

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 4:

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 5:

God Eater 3 Walkthrough Part 6:

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