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Carrot Fantasy Walkthrough – Boss Mode Final Level: Fat Mummy Gold Carrot Solution

Carrot Fantasy is an amazing iOS cartoon style tower defense game. After you finished all the levels in Challenge Mode, you may want to try the Boss Mode. Some of the levels in Boss Mode are easy, but some of them are quite difficult, especially the last level: Fat Mummy. Here we will show you how we beat the Fat Mummy level, with all weapons cleared and rewarded a Golden Carrot.

This level is hard because we can only build two sorts of weapons: Green Bottle and Icy Blast Tower. Icy Blast Tower can freeze the monsters around it but it cause less damage than Green Bottle. Since there are only two empty positions to build weapons, we have to build two bottles to uncover more hidden weapons ASAP.

So, first step we build two bottles and have them attacking the treasure box figured in the map, ignore those monsters. Because our strategy is to uncover all the hidden weapons and treasures in the first time and upgrade them, that will cause more damage to all the monsters.

We destroyed the first box and get the firing bottle. Here we get the weapon randomly, it depends whether you are lucky enough. Firing bottle is great and I like it, it cause heavy damage. Upgrade it and shoot at the treasure box left to it.

Then we got the Rocket Tower, upgrade it. Now it is time to destroy the first big treasure box at the right bottom position, we have three working weapons and it will not take us too much time to do it.

The great news is here we got lots of great weapons, include four air crafts. Upgrade them all and start to destroy the big treasure box above them, we got four Archer Towers and one Air Craft. Upgrade them all, replace the Green Bottles in the center of the map with Icy Blast Towers and upgrade them.

Then, we destroy the left treasure boxes and keep upgrading your weapons. The money is enough for you to upgrade all the weapons around the monsters.

Build some Icy Blast Towers near the center of the map because most of the great weapons are placed here. Remove those Shit Towers at the right of the map because we need the monsters stay at the center of the map.

After we cleared all the hidden weapons, sell those weapons too far away because they do not work. Build more Icy Blast Towers and Green Bottles near the monsters and upgrade them.

After you upgraded all the weapons and run out of your money, stay here and waiting for the message of success. I believe at least you can get a silver medal. If you can do better, gold medal is not a problem.


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