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Trivia Crack 2 Questions and Answers

Trivia Crack 2 is the sequel to the classic Trivia game from Etermax. Challenge your friends and family to a trivia competition, and prove how smart you are. Collect our original characters to level up and win amazing prizes. Answer questions in our 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sport and Geography.

Enjoy our beautiful animations and environments, with sharper colors than ever. Sharpen your brain with thousands of challenging questions. Here comes the questions and answers for the game.

Question: What state is known as The Great Lake State?
Answer: Michigan.

Question: Which of these is not a way of preserving food?
Answer: Deep Frying.

Question: What’s Sheldon’s last name in The Big Bang Theory?
Answer: Cooper.

Question: How long were work hours in the First Industrial Revolution?
Answer: 12-16 Hours.

Question: Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln on April 14 1865?
Answer: John Wilkes Booth.

Question: Who was Dolly?
Answer: First Cloned Sheep.

Question: What is the Latin stem for one hundred?
Answer: Cen.

Question: What children’s nursery rhyme is actually about the plague a deadly disease?
Answer: Rin Around The Rosey.

Question: What does a pH scale measure?
Answer: Basicity to Acidity.

Question: What is the length of a football field exluding the end zones?
Answer: 100 Yards.

Question: What does DOA stand for in military code?
Answer: Dead On Arrival.

Question: On April 14 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated where?
Answer: Ford’s Theater.

Question: In ice hockey Wayne Gretzky’s jersey number was?
Answer: 99.

Question: What is the name of the talking sloth in Ice Age?
Answer: Sid.

Question: Which one of these chracters dresses like a sailor?
Answer: Donald Duck.

Question: Who was the announcer for the 70s show Laugh-in?
Answer: Gary Owens.

Question: Which is not one of the 7 dwarfs?
Answer: Smiley.

Question: Who created the first draft of an airplane?
Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Question: Where is Netherlands located?
Answer: Europe.

Question: What candi is commonly mixed with diet soda to create an explosive reaction?
Answer: Mentos.

Question: What is a the name of the disease that causes random uncontrolled sleep?
Answer: Narcolepsy.

Question: Romulus and Remus the fabled founders of Rome were said to be raised by what animal?
Answer: Wolves.

Question: Which of these is NOT a possessive pronoun?
Answer: You’re.

Question: What is Carlos Santana?
Answer: Musician.

Question: In 13 Reasons Why how did Clay get the scar on his forefard?
Answer: Crashed His Bike While Listening.

Question: What colors does Where’s Waldo wear?
Answer: Red & White.

Question: Who is famous for making his midnight ride to warn the militia that the British were coming?
Answer: Paul Revere.

Question: What two sports use the term “strike”?
Answer: Baseball and Bowling.

Question: Who is Tony Hawk?
Answer: Skateboarder.

Question: What is the Roman numeral for 24?
Answer: XXIV.

Question: What MLB baseball team is nicknamed “The Red Legs”?
Answer: Cincinatti Reds.

Question: How many times a week is it twelve o’clock?
Answer: 14X.

Question: What/Who is the element Helium named after?
Answer: Helios.

Question: What is Indiana Jones’ job?
Answer: Archaelogist.

Question: What color was associated with royalty power and wealth for centuries?
Answer: Purple.

Question: Which colors are obtained by mixing red and blue?
Answer: Purple.

Question: Which of these nations are surrounded completely by water?
Answer: The Philippines.

Question: Paul the author of much of the New Testament was originally named?
Answer: Saul.

Question: Which is the biggest ball?
Answer: Volleyball.

Question: For what sports DO you need a ball?
Answer: Tennis.

Question: Which one of these sports doesn’t need any rackets?
Answer: Rugby.

Question: What Art Movement did The Mona Lisa come out of?
Answer: Renaissance.

Question: Why did the first American flag only have 13 stars?
Answer: There Were 13 Colonies.

Question: What is the name of the sea that surrounds the Dominican Republic?
Answer: Caribbean Sea.

Question: What two seas border Egypt?
Answer: Red and Mediterranean.

Question: Which superhero is known as the Dark Knight?
Answer: Batman.

Question: In Gymnastics which is NOT one of the four main events?
Answer: Rope.

Question: Who is Diego Maradonna?
Answer: A Soccer Player.

Question: In Greek mythology who is the God/Goddess of lightning?
Answer: Zeus.

Question: What of the following is located in Africa?
Answer: Ethiopia.

Question: What US state is the dairy state?
Answer: Winsconsin.

Question: In What Movie is the Quote “May the Odds be ever in your Favor” From?
Answer: The Hunger Games.

Question: What style of dance involves shoes made from cotton?
Answer: Ballet.

Question: How many teeth does an average person have?
Answer: 32.

Question: In the show “Friends” which two characters get married?
Answer: Chandler and Monica.

Question: Who stars in the movie “Toy Story”?
Answer: All of Them.

Question: How many wisdom teeth are there in a normal human mouth?
Answer: Four.

Question: What’s the major function of the kidney?
Answer: Getting Rid of Waste.

Question: What Texas panhandle town takes its name from the Spanish word for yellow?
Answer: Amarillo.

Question: What is the capital of Egypt?
Answer: Cairo.

Question: In Greek mythology who was the wife of the king of the gods?
Answer: Hera.

Question: How did the Greeks win the battle against the Trojans?
Answer: By Using A Fake Horse With Soldiers In It.

Question: Which of these plays on the Ecuadorian team?
Answer: Valencia.

Question: Which Roman ruler was proclaimed dictator for life but died because of the title?
Answer: Julius Caesar.

Question: Why is the left human lung smaller than the right lung?
Answer: To Allow Room For The Heart.

Question: Who won The World Cup in soccer in 2006?
Answer: Italy.

Question: What did the mice turn into in Cinderella?
Answer: Horses.

Question: Who is the lead singer for the band Coldplay?
Answer: Chris Martin.

Question: Which is NOT a word in music?
Answer: Musicatto.

Question: Who plays the role of Maleficent in Disney’s movie ‘Maleficent’?
Answer: Angelina Jolie.

Question: What is the name of the famous painting that features only a mysterious woman?
Answer: Mona Lisa.

Question: Who was the British prime minister that won three terms in a row but resigned in the midst of their third term?
Answer: Tony Blair.

Question: In which sport is traveling a penalty?
Answer: Basketball.

Question: What sport is played at Wimbledon?
Answer: Tennis.

Question: In the medical field what does RN stand for?
Answer: Registered Nurse.

Question: Which of the following bird species is the name of a famous skateboarder?
Answer: Hawk.

Question: What are the big three in Greek mythology?
Answer: Zeus Poseidon and Hades.

Question: What is the Highest rank for a Boy Scout?
Answer: Eagle Scout.

Question: Who killed Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King?
Answer: Scar.

Question: What’s the name of the highest waterfall on earth?
Answer: Angel Falls.

Question: Which country is home to anime sushi and cherry blossoms?
Answer: Japan.

Question: Which of these Disney characters are not Disney princesses at the start of their movies?
Answer: Cinderella.

Question: Which actress played Maria in The Sound Of Music?
Answer: Julie Andrews.

Question: At which basketball team did Michael Jordan play the longest?
Answer: Chicago Bulls.

Question: Cayenne is the capital city of which country?
Answer: French Guiana.

Question: What fictional bird is the mascot of The University of Kansas?
Answer: Jayhawk.

Question: How many pins can a person hit at a time in bowling?
Answer: 10.

Question: In what country is the worlds tallest mountains located?
Answer: Nepal.

Question: What is the name of the fear of the number thirteen?
Answer: Triskaidekaphobia.

Question: “The Fab Four” is a nickname for which musical group?
Answer: The Beatles.

Question: Which one of these rivers is not located in the United States?
Answer: Thames.

Question: Whose ancient civilization’s calendar ended in 2012?
Answer: Mayans.

Question: Which of the following artsts born in th 1400s created blueprints for modern technology such as helicopters?
Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Question: Who is the child of Zeus?
Answer: Hercules.

Question: What is the score if you win the first point in tennis?
Answer: 15.

Question: What element can take the forms of charcoal graphite and diamond?
Answer: Carbon.

Question: Where is the city of Fort Collins (USA)?
Answer: Colorado.

Question: The city Helsinki is in what country?
Answer: Finland.

Question: With which time frame does the leap year occur?
Answer: 4 Years.

Question: Which of these teams is Russian?
Answer: Cska Mosca.

Question: Which of the following is not a Roman numeral?
Answer: U.

Question: What’s the capital city of Sweden?
Answer: Stockholm.

Question: Which of these countries is the most populated?
Answer: The Republic Of India.

Question: Which of the following was NOT written by Neil Gaiman?
Answer: The Naked Sun.

Question: What do you call the lines of a poem?
Answer: Verses.

Question: What are the four main events in gymnastics?
Answer: Floor Beam Vault and Bars.

Question: Which movie company has created movies such as “Iron Man” “Avengers”?
Answer: Marvel.

Question: What is the actual name of Constantinople?
Answer: Istanbul.

Question: What kind of crature was the Minotaur?
Answer: Half-Man Half-Bull.

Question: What is the world’s most popular sport?
Answer: Soccer (Footbal).

Question: What is the raw material or the building block of proteins?
Answer: Amino Acid.

Question: In the Bible who was not one of Jesus’ 12 disciples?
Answer: Zacchaeus.

Question: What is called to make ‘X’s in fabric?
Answer: Cross Stitching.

Question: Where is Portugal located?
Answer: Europe.

Question: What is not part of photosynthesis?
Answer: Carbon Monoxide.

Question: What sport do you win by having the least amount of points?
Answer: Disc Golf.

Question: What band sings the song “About a Girl” “Breed” and “Drain You”?
Answer: Nirvana.

Question: Baseball Hall-of-Famers Mickey Cochrane Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk played what position?
Answer: Catcher.

Question: Whas was Muhammed Ali’s name before converting to Islam?
Answer: Cassius Clay.

Question: Which of these is NOT a cardio machine?
Answer: Bench Press.

Question: Where can you find the Green Monster?
Answer: Boston.

Question: How do you neutralize a base?
Answer: Add An Acid.

Question: Which is the most famous picture in the louvre?
Answer: Mona Lisa.

Question: Which city is named Sin City?
Answer: Las Vegas.

Question: When was the United States formed?
Answer: 1776.

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