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Grancrest War: QuartetConflict Walkthrough and Gameplay

Grancrest War: QuartetConflict is an epic fantasy tale of swords and sorcery from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Experience an all new 3D hack and slash action RPG based off the popular Japanese anime and novels. To save a kingdom divided by chaos and war, join Teo and friends on an fantasy RPG campaign to battle enemy hordes and form the Grancrest to bring peace to the land.

Turn the tides of war, end the chaos, and unite the continent. Battle and conquer the waves of enemies. Switch team members on the battlefield in real time. Choose different character classes, from Mages to Lords.

Experience RPG story moments from the original anime and novels. Bring together famous characters such as Teo, Irvin, Siluca, and Aishela. Pick a side and aim for a glorious victory by defeating the enemy fortress. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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