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One Hour One Life: Development of Mankind in 3 Steps

One Hour One Life is a multiplayer survival game of parenting and civilization building by Jason Rohrer. Get born to another player as your mother. Live an entire life in one hour. Have babies of your own in the form of other players. Leave a legacy for the next generation as you help to rebuild civilization from scratch.

You only live for an hour, where each minute marks a passing year. You join the game server as a newborn baby, and some other randomly-chosen player is your mother. You depend on her for your survival. If you survive into adulthood, you may get the chance to have babies of your own.

Key resources run out over time, so careful management, planning, and organization are necessary to prevent an inevitable collapse. The game graduates from the individual challenge of primitive survival in the early stages to a group organizational and leadership challenge in the later stages. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Development of Mankind in One Hour One Life Step 1 – Ascension:

Development of Mankind in One Hour One Life Step 2 – Stability:

Development of Mankind in One Hour One Life Step 3 – Decline:

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