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HellSign Walkthrough and Guide Mission 1 to 2

HellSign is an investigative action RPG from Ballistic Interactive. You’re a Hunter, the last line of defense between our world and the savage creatures that lurk just outside. By investigating the world around you and reading the evidence you’ll learn more about what you’re hunting and how to kill it.

Use your wits, your experience and your arsenal of monster-hunting tools to rid the world of ghouls, ghosts, demons and everything that goes bump in the night – for the right price of course.

Start your journey with a flickering torch, rusty gun and a whole lot of guts. Complete jobs to develop your skills and learn more about the monsters that haunt the night. Develop your character and build your arsenal through a detailed RPG and job system. Become an elite hunter and get your revenge.

As a hunter, knowledge is one of your greatest weapons. By reading your environment and uncovering the weaknesses of the creatures you’re hunting, you can make it a little easier to slay them. The Cryptonomicon is your hunter guidebook, tracking the creatures you’ve slain and the clues you’ve collected. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

HellSign Walkthrough Mission 1:

HellSign Walkthrough Mission 2:

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