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Order of Battle: Endsieg Walkthrough and Guide Part 1 to 3

Order of Battle: Endsieg is a DLC of Order of Battle: World War II, which is a turn-based war strategy game from The Artistocrats. The Endsieg campaign, the biggest and longest yet, includes 16 unique scenarios. The story begins right after the Battle of Kursk, where the game provides the option to import a core force from either the Panzerkrieg or Sandstorm campaign.

The first five scenarios are based on the historical 1st Soviet offensive in the Donbass in summer 1943, up to the Leningrad–Novgorod strategic offensive in early 1944. A decisive defeat of the Red Army will eventually allow total victory over the Soviet Union, while failure to do so will turn the campaign away from the Eastern Front and into the Battle of Anzio in Italy.

In the second part of the campaign the player’s forces are transferred to the west, where the Allied invasion of Normandy has opened a new front. Initially you’ll be forced on the defensive, and you’ll be tasked to extract other German forces from the Falaise trap, defeat Allied airborne units in Market-Garden, and defend the city of Aachen and the Huertgenwald against heavy attacks.

Covering the final years of the war, Endsieg offers powerful weapons such as Tiger II heavy tanks, Jagdpanther tank destroyers and Me-262 jetfighters as well as several new specializations. The game features 16 scenarios, over 60 unit types, and 6 specializations for Germany. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Order of Battle: Endsieg Walkthrough Part 1 – Donbass:

Order of Battle: Endsieg Walkthrough Part 2 – Op. Rumyantsev:

Order of Battle: Endsieg Walkthrough Part 3 – Smolensk 43:

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